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Our Immigration services include obtaining permanent residency and citizenship as well as all forms of visas. We can assist you in a thorough and efficient manner.

It is not a rare occurrence for someone filing any sort of immigration application to wait a long time without hearing anything regarding the progress of application. Because of ever-changing laws, and overwhelmed Immigration offices and officers, it may prove difficult to keep track of one’s application and its status in this vast bureaucracy. New regulations appear every month and it is difficult to keep up with this changing landscape. Therefore applications may be submitted without proper documentation or vital deadlines are missed. To compound these difficulties, most people applying for residency or visas are not native English speakers and find may find the process overwhelming.

In order to ensure that all the applications and required documentation are correctly filed and all regulations and deadlines adhered to, it is, for most applicants, a worthwhile investment to acquire the services of an experienced Immigration attorney. We at McNally & Associates, P.C., understand the complexities of the Immigration process and will gladly assist you and your family to assure you the best chance at success. For your family’s survival, choose McNally & Associates, to assist with your Immigration needs.

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